Delray Beach Senior Fitness
Delray Beach Senior Fitness
50 Plus Fitness Center Senior Exercise Specialist Delray, Boynton Beach
50 Plus Fitness CenterSenior Exercise Specialist Delray, Boynton Beach 

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Plenty of Boynton Beach-area residents have benefitted from joining our senior fitness center. If you have enjoyed our services, please leave a comment below. If you would like to learn more about our many senior exercise programs, please reach out to us today.

  • Joel Saltzman (Friday, July 03 15 08:02 am EDT)

    I had my annual exam the other day. I lost seven lbs. since May. My cholesterol went way down and my medicine was cut in half. My three month sugar went from over 300 to 159. Between my Dr. Sharon Mazzola and my program at 50 Plus Fitness, I have been getting back in good shape. So thank you doctor and thank you Chris. You guys really care about your people.

  • Mary (Tuesday, February 17 15 12:37 pm EST)

    My three month checkup at the doctor revealed:
    Blood pressure down 10 points, Cholesterol down 8 points, Glucose down 24 points, & Triglycerides down 37 points! Chris has been keeping me motivated with little pep talks as I tend to become discouraged when my progress is slow. These results show that it works!

  • Carol (Sunday, February 15 15 04:21 pm EST)

    I'm a newcomer of only five months and loving it. Working out has helping me lose weight and tone up. I can go up stairs without huff and puffing. I feel great. Having a trainer there always helps keep my form, thanks Chris. The members are great also, I never had such a good time at a gym as I do at 50 plus. I'm down 39 lbs. and I will keep going looking to wear a bikini this summer for the first time in many many years. Again thanks Chris.

  • Joel (Tuesday, October 14 14 05:29 pm EDT)

    I have been going to Chris for three years. I was 40 pounds overweight and needed a knee replacement. After working with Chris at 50 Plus Fitness I have lost the extra weight and I have been able to hold off on the knee replacement. Chris is a very competent instructor and really concerned about his clients.

  • Adele (Thursday, June 19 14 03:48 pm EDT)

    I've been a member for approximately three years (had to stop for a few months due to surgery, but reconnected with 50 Plus as soon as possible). I find the workout is just what the doctor ordered and I have regained all the strength that I had prior to my surgery. I really enjoy the workout and friendly atmosphere. Finally, got my husband to go and he also finds that it adds a little zip to his life. Thanks, Chris.

  • Mary (Wednesday, June 18 14 01:42 pm EDT)

    When I began at Chris Mazzola's 50 Plus Fitness Center, my husband had to open jars and bottles for me. I had zero energy and was in extremely poor shape after a rotator cuff injury. Eight months, later I am strong, independent, have actual muscles developing, and have lost 10 pounds. My doctor is very pleased at my progress, as is Chris. Chris makes our sessions informative while keeping them fun. He is always available for our questions and takes the time to help each client personally. Thanks, Chris, for all that you do.

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