Delray Beach Senior Fitness
Delray Beach Senior Fitness
50 Plus Fitness Center Senior Exercise Specialist Delray, Boynton Beach
50 Plus Fitness CenterSenior Exercise Specialist Delray, Boynton Beach 

50 Plus Fitness Center Testimonials

Delray Beach, Boynton Beach Florida

See for yourself! Below are some testimonials from our satisfied 50 Plus Fitness Center Customers. If you are interested in joining our senior fitness center, please get in touch with us and have a look at our many senior exercise programs. Feel free to leave us a comment.


Hi to all fellow 50 Plus-ers!


On my recent trip to Hawaii, I hiked over four miles into a dormant volcano on the big island of Hawaii, in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Named Kilauea Iki Crater, starting at 3,980 feet above sea level in a natural unspoiled rain-forest. We hiked down to the crater floor, which is still quite warm, across the rugged 2.4 mi. floor, and back up to the rim. Living in Florida over 20 years, I'm not used to the air at that elevation, so the climb back up was hard, but done without any assistance.


Why tell you this? I know I couldn't have done this hike before I started using the 50 Plus Program a few years ago, under the watchful eye of trainer Chris Mazzola. Thanks Chris!


The regimen at 50 Plus Fitness Center continues to help me with my balance, strength in my legs and strength in my upper body. It's a great workout routine. 

- Stan



My name is Jerry. I have been going to 50 Plus for three months. Last year, I had a stroke on my left side and was almost useless. The benefit from this program is amazing.


Since I started going to 50 Plus, I went from 245 lbs. to 213 lbs. My waist went from a 44-46 to 40-42. It Is a wonderful program. Thank you.

- Joel



I recently underwent a stress test and electrocardiogram which led my cardiologist to perform an angiogram. My heart is strong and my blockages were minimal, which I give all credit to Chris and the fitness program. Thank you.

- Douglas


 Dear Mr. Mazzola:


It was a pleasure meeting you for my tour of 50 Plus Fitness Center. I applaud your efforts in making fitness education a priority for Florida's seniors. Your commitment and dedication to improving people's lives through health and wellness is truly commendable.


I wish you and 50 Plus Fitness Center much future success!



- Michelle McGovern

Regional Director (for Senator Nelson)      

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